Jasper Electric Utilities Testing New Downtown Lights

Officials with the City of Jasper’s Municipal Electric utilities say the department is is now in the process of testing new overhead decorative lighting around the city’s downtown courthouse square.

City Electric Manager Jerry Schitter says the new lights are being considered for many reasons.  Schitter says the current incandescent lights use more energy, take a lot more labor to install and can only be used effectively twice a year.

Schitter says the LED lights currently being tested will not only lower electric cost, they can also be left up year-round and be used for more occasions.

The Jasper Electric Utility is reaching out to the Jasper Strassenfest Committee, the Jasper Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Downtown Jasper Business Association for input.

Schitter says the public may also weigh in by giving him a call at 812-482-6881. He says the electric utility also welcomes inquiries from those interested in donating towards the cost of the new lighting.

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