Last of the Quarantine

According to animal health officials from the state, they have lifted their quarantine on the last of 10 southwestern Indiana poultry farms where a bird flu outbreak discovered in January impacted the state’s top turkey-producing region.

The quarantine at the Dubois County farm ended Sunday when it was declared virus-free after the composting of the carcasses of the euthanized birds and thorough cleanings of its poultry barns.

State Board of Animal Health spokeswoman Denise Derrer says the first quarantine at the 10 affected farms was lifted back on the 19th of March. She says the quarantines at the nine other farms were lifted over the last several weeks as each was declared virus-free.

The release of the last quarantine coincides with Indiana achieving virus-free status after going 90 consecutive days with no new cases of the poultry disease.

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