Operation Triple Threat

The third major drug bust to take place in Dubois County in the last three years has resulted in the issuance of 10 warrants and the arrest of 7 individuals that are believed to have been involved in some kind of drug activity in the county.

Beginning in April of 2015, Dubois County Narcotics Officer John Anderson Chief Deputy Prosecutor Beth Sermersheim initiated Operation Triple Threat that consisted of undercover drug buys.

The name “Operation Triple Threat” was picked because its the third operation of its kind, following the success of Operation Big Brother and Operation Double Trouble.

Like the first two Operations, informants were developed primarily through street level arrests made by undercover patrol officers as well as Anderson.

As a result of the covert investigations, felony arrest warrants for drug dealing charges were obtained by the County Prosecutor’s Office.

Monday morning deputies with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department began serving arrest warrants on subjects for drug dealing charges stemming from their investigation.

All in all, 10 individuals are facing drug dealing charges.

So far 7 have been taken into custody.

They include:

25-year old Andrew Long Jr. of Huntingburg,

22-year old Maurice Zapata II of Huntingburg,

42-year old Jeremy Lorey of Jasper,

30-year old John Bickerest of Jasper,

34-year old Justin MacDonald of Ferdinand,

25-year old Cole Denton of Huntingburg,

and 40-year old Yaun Helms of Rockport,

Authorities say 3 arrest warrants remain outstanding at this time.

Andrew Long Mug

Andrew Long Jr. of Huntingburg

maurice Zapata Mug

Maurice Zapata II of Huntingburg

Jeremy Lorey Mug

Jeremy Lorey of Jasper

John Bickerest Mug

John Bickerest of Jasper






Justin McDonald Mug

Justin MacDonald of Ferdinand

Cole Denton mug

Cole Denton of Huntingburg

Yuan Helms Mug

Yaun Helms of Rockport






They say Operation Triple Threat is not as large as the first two Operations. Operation Big Brother

and Operation Double Trouble resulted in 16 and 18 drug dealing arrests, respectively.

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