Update: 1 Warrant from Operation Triple Threat Remains

Authorities made another arrest on Thursday as a result of the latest drug sting dubbed Operation Triple Threat with one more suspect still at-large.

The Dubois County Prosecutor’s Office says 36-year old Harold Larue of Holland was taken into custody and as mentioned in the previous update so was 53-year old Laureen Dooley of Grantsburg both charged with a felony count of dealing in a narcotic drug.

Several arrests were made Monday in the third operation orchestrated by the sheriff and the Prosecutor’s Departments.

Dubois County Narcotics Officer John Anderson and Dubois County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Beth Sermersheim initiated Operation Triple Threat in April of last year when they began conducting undercover drug buys.

Informants made undercover drug buys of heroin, methamphetamine, Schedule II, and Schedule IV controlled substances.

As a result of the covert investigations, felony arrest warrants for drug dealing charges were obtained by the Dubois County Prosecutor’s Office.

One warrant issued as part of Operation Triple Threat remains outstanding at this time.

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