ICAC Task Force Instructor Speaks With Indiana State Police

Cathie Bledsoe, a Youth Educator for Indiana’s ICAC Task Force, sat down with the Indiana State Police to have a frank conversation on the dangers that the internet poses for children and young teenagers.

The Internet Crimes Against Children or ICAC works with state and local law enforcement agencies to develop an effective response to technology facilitated child sexual exploitation. ICAC encompasses investigation, training, prevention and community education.

Bledsoe had some advice for keeping your children safe.

She also illustrates the awareness that older teens should keep in mind when it comes to the internet.

Bledsoe has over 10 years of teaching experience with children, adults, gifted students and juveniles in the probation system. and has been a presenter on Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying for the past 7 years. She holds a Master Degree in Secondary Education-Instructional Technology.

If you would like information on ICAC and its services visit the website www.icactaskforce.org

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  1. internet use is in all area i live in mitchell indiana and people use it in programs desighned for uses in prevention .the text you get isnt ehat your really getting it is used to steal your infomation and what ever else they can

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