Jasper Engines Post Another Record-Setting Share Value

Associate-Owner shareholders in the Jasper Engines & Transmissions Employee Stock Ownership Plan were treated to another record-setting share value April 25th.

Nearly 10-million dollars in new shares was distributed to over 23-hundred eligible Associate-Owners.

JASPER’s share value has experienced rocket ship growth since the inception of its Stock Ownership Plan in 2009 at $2.30 per share.

JASPER Chairman/CEO Doug Bawel told Associate-Owners the 100% Associate-Owned company’s new share value was $220.55 for 2016, up 20.6% over the year before.

In a release Bawel says the NASDAQ,
S & P 500, and the Dow averaged 10.1% growth in 2016, and the company averaged 20.6%, which is double what they three did last year.

Bawel says the company has been blessed, and has so much to be thankful for, including four record-setting years. He added the company is very thankful for all the hours, efforts and 18,400+ Continuous Improvement ideas of their Associate-Owners in making 2016 such a success.

Today, Jasper-Weller has 11 re-manufacturing plants, 75 branch locations and 3000+ Associate-Owners across the United States.

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