Repeated Incidents at Camelot Inn Motel Leads To Single Arrest

The Jasper Police Department were called to the Camelot Inn Motel on Mill Street at approximately 10:54 PM last night, June 24th, to confirm a welfare check on a subject staying at the motel. Upon officers’ arrival, Jasper Police Department officers came in contact with the complainant Amy Schutz and David Schutz. Both subjects were heavily intoxicated and were disruptive towards other guests. The complaint was seen to be unfounded and the Schutz were advised to go to bed for the night.

At approximately 11:26 PM, the complainant called the police department for a second time for a similar complaint. Officers made contact with the Schutz for a second time. Again, upon officers’ arrival, David and Amy Schutz were yelling in a disruptive manner outside of the motel rooms. Both the Schutz’s were asked to leave the property of the Camelot Inn Motel.

At approximately 11:53, Jasper Police Department units were called out to the 405 E 15th Street Address in reference to a domestic involving a hand gun. Upon officers’ arrival, a family member of David Schutz was standing outside and advised officers Schutz had attempted to start a fight. The family member advised that prior to the officers arrival, Schutz had fled on foot away from the 405 E 15th Street address.

The next day, June 25th, at approximately 12:44 AM, Jasper Police Department received a report that Schutz had walked back to the Camelot Inn Motel and was banging on the door of one of the rooms of the motel. Schutz again was intentionally making unreasonable nose after being told to stop such activity by police. David was still heavily intoxicated and his actions were not wanted on the property of the motel. Schutz tested .107 on a portable breath test.

Schutz was lodged in the Dubois County Security Center and was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

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