Authorities Provide Update to Birdseye Death Investigation

Authorities gathered with members of the local media this afternoon at the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department to provide an update on a death investigation that was launched after the body of a Birdseye man was found in his home two weeks ago.

49-year-old Darin Atkins, of Birdseye was discovered around 2 pm Wednesday July 19th.

The Sheriff’s Department ruled the death as a homicide after the county coroner’s officer reported that Atkins died from internal bleeding in his head and multiple skull fractures caused by force from a large blunt object.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home in the 1300 block of Harts Gravel Road in Jefferson Township in southeast Dubois County after a woman had reported to authorities a man died at the home.

Deputies responded to the scene and a death investigation was launched.

Detective Sergeant Tom Kleinhelter with the Dubois County Sherrif’s Department along with Sheriff Donny Lampert as well as Anthony Quinn and Beth Sermersheim with the Dubois County Prosecutor’s Office took part in a press conference held at the sheriff’s office.

Kleinhelter says during the investigation, authorities believe there was a considerable time of delay from the time Adkin’s body was first discovered to the time the crime was first reported.

Kleinhelter says investigators became aware of numerous indivduals that had been at and even inside the residence before law enforcement was called.

No murder weapon has been found.

The Detective Sergeant says the department continues to receive as many as 50 tips on a daily basis and stressed that each one is looked at diligently.

Kleinhelter says they feel the investigation is a big puzzle.

Kleinhelter continued to lobby for the public’s help in the investigation. He says no piece of information would be less helpful than the other. Especially those who live along or travel near the scene of the crime.

Kleinhelter says a number of people have been interviewed in regards to Adkin’s death. He says most of which were those who entered the home after the body discovered.

He says a number of people have been eliminated as suspects but there is still a considerable suspect list.

Dubois County Prosecutor Anthony Quinn says once his department receives all information gathered by investigators. The prosecutor’s office will work to pursue the case.

In the meantime, anyone with any information on this case is encouraged to contact Detective Sergeant Kleinhelter at the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department at 812-482-3522 extension 4.

Or you may ask to speak to any other deputy who is available. All calls can remain anonymous.

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