City of Jasper Among the State’s Best Places to Live for 2017

The City of Jasper has been placed among the top 10 as far as the best communities to
live in the State of Indiana for families by

The website ranks Jasper 6th behind Indianapolis suburbs Avon, Zionsville, Westfield,
Fishers and Carmel.

Jasper had an overall total score of 68.98 and ranked first in Education, Health & Safety,
11th in Affordability, 13th in Social Economics and 25th in Family Life & Fun.

The website says families share a number of common priorities when choosing a new
place to call home.

They say with that in mind, they asked a panel of experts in fields such as family studies
and public health to share their insight regarding the process of evaluating prospective
Indiana cities on a family’s shortlist.

Some of catagories included:

What are some tips for young families looking for quality public schools and affordable
housing in Indiana?

How can local officials in Indiana make their cities more attractive to young families?

And looking just within Indiana, to what degree is child development and a family’s quality
of life influenced by the city they live in?

The only other community that ranked in the top 20 in southwestern Indiana was
Washington who came in at 17th.

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