Dubois County Substance Abuse Council Accepting Nominations for Officers and Representatives

The Dubois County Substance Abuse Council is now accepting nominations for Officers and Representatives for 2018.

Those interested in running for a position need to send a letter of interest, or letter of nomination by 12 noon on December 22nd to Chairman Jim McFaul at jmcfaul@vinu.edu.

Once nominations are received, absentee voting begins January 2, 2018 at 8 am and ends January 9th at 1 pm.

Officer and representative positions begin their term on January 31st.

To be eligible for an elected office or representative position candidates must of have attended 50% of all Substance Abuse Council meetings over the past 12 months.

Executive Committee Members should have experience and/or expertise in at least one of the following areas: family relations, religion, education, civic/private affairs, business, media, medical, local government, judiciary, law enforcement, self-help, youth or labor forces.

Members are required to attend fifty (50) percent of meetings in order to maintain their elected position.

Due to potential conflict of interest concerns, no elected or appointed public official is eligible to serve as Chair or Co-Chair.

For officer and representatives job descriptions, or further details, send an email to jmcfaul@vinu.edu.

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