Mike Braun Releases Second Television Spot: “Outsider”

Photo Courtesy of District 63

Recently Meyer Distributing CEO and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun released his second television and radio advertising flight of the campaign, titled “Outsider.”

The ads will run statewide on broadcast television and radio. Braun is running for the seat held by first-term Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly.

“Outsider” focuses on Braun’s career of accomplishment as a businessman, in contrast to the career politicians in Washington who spend all their time talking – rather than doing.
Braun makes it clear that unlike career politicians, he won’t be beholden to special interests and will put Hoosiers first.

In a release Braun says President Trump was right, saying for too long career politicians who are beholden to special interests have run our country into the ground and says it’s time for a change.

Braun says he’ll fight for the conservative Hoosier values we share, and will take his experience gained from building a successful company to help rebuild our country.

You can watch the television and listen to the radio ad by in YouTube.

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