Boil Order

Due to a watermain break, the Jasper Municipal Water Department is issuing a neighborhood boil order for a small portion of the City of Jasper.  The area affected is on 2nd Avenue. (S.R. 164) from 3rd Avenue to

Sherri Lane, Riverside Drive and Hillside Drive.  This is the Only portion of the City of Jasper that is affected.  Customers in this area are advised to bring the water to a full boil for five minutes before using until further notice.  Customers and the general public will be notified by local media when the boil order is lifted.

A boil water advisory is issued when some type of event has created the potential for contamination to enter the water supply.  City officials will be testing water samples to determine when the water is safe to consume.

Any questions concerning the boil order can be directed to the Jasper Municipal Water Department @ 812-482-5252.

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