Fallen Tree Downed Power Lines Started Dubois Field Fire

A fallen tree is to blame for an afternoon field fire in Dubois that claimed 3 acres of field and wooded area The tree downed power lines which ignited the fire.

Yesterday afternoon, Dubois Volunteer Firefighters were called to the report of a field fire near the Pat Merkel residence located at 4141 E 600 N.

The call came to dispatch from Dubois Fire Chief, Steve Kalb, who lives in the area to dispatch the department for a field fire with power lines down.

Upon investigation, firefighters found that a tree fell on the power lines and caused an arc, which ignited the fire that burned about 3 acres of field and wooded area.

The fire spread across property that is owned by Pat Merkel and onto property owned by Jerome Schnell.

There was no loss of personal property in the incident.

Four trucks with 15 firemen responded to the scene and were there for about two hours. No one was injured in the incident.

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