Cardinal Selling Service to Sell 450 Astra Seats

Update: The location for this event has changed. The Open House will now be held on the East side of Jasper on the backside of Dollar General and Doodlebug Shopping complex 671 3rd Ave. Jasper, IN.

This week residents will get a chance to have a piece of Old Jasper History while helping out a worthy cause. The 450 seats to the Astra Theatre will be up for purchase on Wednesday, March 14th when Cardinal Selling Services will hold an open house SALE.

Call to reserve yours at 812-630-5924. Pickup Wednesday between 3-6 pm in Jasper behind new Dollar general/near KMART. (671 3rd Ave., Jasper, IN)

They will be selling all the Astra seats for Next Act as they prepare for final remodeling efforts at the theater

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