Bicknell Police Officer Arrested Charged with Official Misconduct

47-year-old Lt. Kevin Carroll

A Bicknell police officer was arrested for Official Misconduct and Criminal Recklessness this week.

Martin County Prosecutor Mike Steiner will head the investigation into 47-year-old  Kevin Carroll a Lieutenant with the Bicknell Police after he was arrested Thursday by Indiana State Police along with a FBI Violent Task Force.

The investigation into Carroll began in March after police received information that 47-year-old Lieutenant had allegedly shared sensitive information with a Daviess County Resident compromising undercover drug operations and potentially placing undercover officers at risk

Carroll is facing a felony count of official Misconduct and a misdemeanor count of criminal recklessness. He was booked into the Knox County Jail and later released after posting a 5,000 bond.

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  1. Now, why in the world would a police officer go out of his way to warn a local drug dealer that a certain person he’s been selling drugs to is actually an under-cover narcotic agent? Complicit?

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