Braun Wins Big; Local Supporters Cheered on the Jasper Native

Hoosier Republicans have spoken as last night Mike Braun was selected as the Republican nominee best suited to defeat Senator Joe Donnelly in November. The Republican National Committee and Indiana Republican Party have been building an infrastructure in our data and ground game to put Mike Braun in the best position to win in November.

Primary elections across Indiana drew to a close last night bringing with it an end to one of the most highly anticipated republican races in the nation between Jasper Businessman and Washington outsider Mike Braun and long time politicians Luke Messer and Todd Rokita for a seat on the November Republican ticket for US Senate.

Mike Braun, taking an early lead over his opponents never lost steam as the night rolled on. Just before 9pm Todd Rokita seceded from the race leaving Braun to win with over 40% of the vote.

Last night at Meyer Distributing Corporate headquarters in Jasper a group of Braun supporters including personal friends, employees and community leaders gathered to cheer on the Jasper native as election results came in.

In a release Braun thanked Congressmen Messer and Rokita saying they had run a spirited race.

“They ran hard. They ran tough. And I can tell you from the hours we’ve spent together and the thousands of miles on the road together, that they are stand up fellas.” Braun said.
Braun stood by his campaign theme saying there is a continued need for more outsiders and less career politicians in Washington and more folks that have done something in the real world.
He didn’t waste time as he expressed this sentiment for Senator Donnelly who he will face in November’s general election, saying “Senator Donnelly is just another career politician who has spent nearly his entire career in politics and government. When he’s in Indiana he acts like one of us, but in Washington he votes against us, against President Trump and in lockstep with the Democrats.”
Braun additionally said “This fall, we’re going to send a message to Senator Donnelly and the rest of Washington that politics shouldn’t be a career and if we want to change things we need to change the people we send there. I’m going there to get the job done and come back home, and the only people I’ll owe anything to is the voters of Indiana.”

Braun thanked voters for their support and said he looks forward to the general election in November.

Dubois County saw few contested elections with most of the action occurring for nominations with the Birdseye Town Council race.

Nominations on the Democratic ticket for Birdseye town council were Mary Ann Cummings, Clyde Huff, Lisa Huff and Roy Partenheimer. Winning that race was Cummings with 54 votes, followed by Roy Partenheimer with 52 votes and finally Lisa Huff with 41 votes.

Vying for a spot on the Democratic ticket for Birdseye Clerk-Treasure were Brittany Schepers who beat out Kelly Wiseman with Schepers receiving 53 votes to Wisemans 21.

And Priscilla Atkins and Bret Eckert will advance as they both will be placed on the Republican ticket for Birdseye town council in the November election.

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