Jasper Police Seeking Witnesses to Early Morning Accident

No one was injured and so far no charges have been filed in a two vehicle accident early this morning at a busy intersection near downtown Jasper.

The Jasper Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance as they investigate the accident which occurred at the intersection of Third and Newton Streets.

Police say at around a quarter after 6 this morning, an SUV driven by 61-year old Debra Buechlein of Celestine was in the northbound lane of Newton Street with the intention of continuing straight through the intersection.

Meanwhile another SUV driven by 36-year old Jenni Zaldivar of Jasper was in the southbound lane of Newton Street intending to turn East onto Third Street.

Both driver’s told police they thought they had the right of way and proceeded their intended direction. The front left corner of Buechlein’s vehicle struck the left side of Zaldivar’s crossover.

Any witnesses to the accident are asked to contact the Jasper Police Department at 812-482-2255.

Police estimated damage to Buechlein’s vehicle at $ 2,000 while damage to the Zaldivar’s SUV was listed at $1,500.

Once again, no charges have been filed at this time and police are looking for any witnesses to the crash.

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