3 Juveniles Arrested after Investigation into Home Burgarly

Huntingburg police arrested three juveniles following the investigation into a home burglary.

Just after 5 p.m. on Thursday Huntingburg Police Officers were dispatched to 515 E. 5th Street to the residence of Jill and Kevin Bieker.

The Bieker’s reported to police that after arriving home they noticed that their home had been burglarized. They reported that several guns, ammunition, and some alcoholic beverages were taken.

Upon further police investigation 3 male juveniles were detained and brought to the Huntingburg Police Department for questioning.

During the investigation, all of the guns, ammo and some of the alcoholic Beverages were recovered and will be returned to the Biekers.

As a result of the investigation all 3 Juveniles were arrested and are facing multiple charges including: felony counts of burglary and theft along with misdemeanor charges of false informing, possession of paraphernalia and illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor.

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