Free Wi-Fi Offered On 4th Street In Huntingburg

In conjunction with High-Speed Huntingburg, a local partnership between PSC and the City of Huntingburg has been formed to bring Fiber-to-the-Home to all residences and businesses located within the city limits.

Free Wi-Fi is now available on 4th Street between Geiger and Van Buren Streets.

Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner says downtown Huntingburg has long been a destination for residents and visitors alike and they feel that offering free Wi-Fi is just another amenity that will attract people from across the region to the community. Spinner added that the city is grateful to have a trusted partner in PSC and for their continued investment in the community.

Jim Dauby, PSC’s President and CEO says high-Speed Huntingburg has launched and fiber optics is now available city-wide. He says they look forward to continuing to work with the City of Huntingburg and further investing in the community.

Dauby says free Wi-Fi to those visiting and shopping along 4th Street, is just one small way of helping the city attract more people to the area.

For questions or for more information, please contact Rachel Steckler at Huntingburg City Hall at 812-683-2211 or by e-mail at

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