Gentryville Gets New Marshall

The Town of Gentryville has a new marshal.

Heather Overstreet has taken over the position in the wake of former marshal Robert Bone’s resignation. Bone accepted a position as a police officer for the Town of Santa Claus.

Overstreet has been a reserve with the Gentryville Police Department since early 2017 and also works as a dispatcher with the Spencer County Sheriff’s Department.

Bone said she has performed well as a reserve and should seamlessly take over duties as the community’s primary law enforcement officer given her experience working in the area.

In addition, Overstreet had already reached out to Chris Lee, a current reserve officer in Huntingburg, to fill the vacant reserve position in Gentryville. Lee agreed to volunteer his services at no cost, just as Overstreet did during her time as a reserve officer. This ensures that the town would continue to have two officers in their police department.

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