ISTEP Scores Invalidated at Loogootee High School

ISTEP math scores from the spring of 2018 have been invalidated for the 10th grade class of Loogootee. A parent contacted the school corporation with information that some students may have had access to questions prior to the exams. Loogootee schools contacted the Indiana Department of Education, as they are required and INDOE began an investigation. Loogootee superintendent Chip Mehaffey says they learned that an administrator printed out questions from the Winter 2017 ISTEP online from the Parent Portal and then provided these questions to teachers to use to prepare students for the upcoming ISTEP . Three questions were printed in total.

Chip Mehaffey also ascertains that they believe there was no ill intent on behalf of the administrator- however the Indiana Department of Education considers this a breach of test integrity and requires the invalidation of test scores for this portion of the 10th grade math test.

INDOE has worked with Loogootee High School to allow these students the opportunity to retake the test in the second week of school this coming fall as passing this test is a graduation requirement. Anyone with questions can contact the superintendents office at 812-295-2595.

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