Town Council Says Ferdinand Substation To Be Modernized

Residents in Ferdinand will be soon see an update with their electric utilities as the town’s 1960 era substation is on track to be modernized in a three phase project the utility department will oversee.

The town council heard from utility department head Steve Becher at last nights regular meeting as he reported on the findings from a planned outage that took place last month and requested approval to move ahead with replacement of parts and major repairs on the substation.

The May outage lasted near 6 hours as crews worked to repair hotspots, clean and replace fittings and add fuel. Becher said it was not a surprise to have found the issues the utility department with the substation installed in 1967 with some equipment predating that year….

The project will focus on phasing out the 4160 voltage town residents currently see bringing the new voltage to 12,470 a common energy power for general populations.

Becher says the progress on the three phase replacement will likely begin after engineers finish and submit their schematics on the project.

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