The third annual Dubois County Teachers’ Manufacturing Bootcamp commenced for the summer. The Bootcamp is a two week program designed to connect local educators with the county’s manufacturing community. Teachers completed a curriculum curated by Vincennes University Jasper campus and their 5 participating manufacturers. This provides a first-hand look into the technology and skills needed in today’s manufacturing environments. Participating manufacturers include Kimball Electronics, Kimball International, Masterbrand Cabinets, OFS and Jasper Engines. Several teachers from numerous districts enrolled in the camp in order to learn more about manufacturers and apply principles learned to increase efficiency, drive students, and help meet goals. To close out the event, teachers created presentations to share with the public their findings and principles they learned during the camp at the VUJC CTIM theatre.


Sam Alderfer, a teacher from North Knox, mentioned that it was eye opening. He said. “I would not feel bad sending my kids to work there. It’s not what I thought it was.”  He mentioned that one of the best things about this event was the contacts he was able to make and take back for his students.


Annie Alcorn, another attendee and special education teacher from Castle South Middle School, stated “This really changed my perspective of what they can do and how valuable they can be to these companies.”

A principle that many teachers emphasized was the fact that all career clusters are represented throughout these companies.

Cynthia Jacobs, a teacher at Northeast Dubois was surprised at the diversity of solid career paths available so close to home and said, “ For students to think they have to leave and go somewhere else just isn’t accurate anymore.”

Attendees shared new lesson plans, mentor program ideas, and simple activities that they planned on taking back to the classroom, and made contacts that they can utilize to open their student’s eyes to the vast sea of opportunity that surrounds them.


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