Pet-Agree Professional Pet Services Moves To New Location

Pet-Agree Professional Pet Services has moved locations to 1041 3rd Avenue in Jasper after 8 years in business at the Y in Jasper. Owner and founder Alicen Ingle greeted the public this morning for their public ribbon cutting, attended by many, including Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz.

They are super excited about the new move due to the fact that pets and owners are now safer when exiting the establishment. A big concern at the last location was the lack of room for the customers to pull out of the establishment along with the constant flow of traffic. Now at the new location, it won’t be a problem.

At the new location is a new room for grooming that has, along with the standard areas for grooming, baths that lift up for groomer convenience as well as a door for elderly and size appropriate dogs to enter easily. These baths are in a separate area of the room to reduce noise pollution. Also in the grooming room is a garage door that can be opened in case of an emergency. A separate room at the establishment is used for lodging, which includes two separate suites that includes a camera so owners can “face time” with their pet, as well as offer them treats, all from wherever the owner may be.

Alicen Ingle, accompanied by her son and husband, says she is so excited about the move and can’t wait for the years to come.

Pet-Agree Professional Pet Services is also holding an open house at their place of business tonight from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM where customers can take a look at the new establishment and enter a raffle where they can win prizes such as 30 lbs of food, two obedience training sessions, and more. They do ask however to leave our four-legged friends at home.

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