Woman Loses Sandal; Slams Car into Side of Store Building

A lost sandal is said that have been a possible reason a Huntingburg woman’s car slammed into the side of a Huntingburg business Tuesday afternoon causing nearly 10-thousand dollars in total damage.

Around 2:30 pm Tuesday officers with the Huntingburg Police Department were called to the report of a property damage accident at the Dollar General Store located on city’s north side.

When police arrived they found a Buick passenger car owned by Victoria Schulthise of Huntingburg pushed into the North side of the store.

Schulthise told Huntingburg Police that she was pulling into a parking space on the store’s north side when she said a sandal slipped off her foot and was stuck on the vehicle’s accelerator pedal causing her vehicle to drive over the parking curb slamming into the north side of the building.

Damage sustained by the store included pushed in metal siding that was estimated between 2,500 and 5,000 dollars.

Police say Schulthise’s Buick sustained about the same amount of dollars in damage.

No one was injured and no charges were filed.

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