Mike Braun Defeats Joe Donnelly; Election Results from State and Local Races

Braun Wins Senate Seat

Republican Senate Elect and Jasper Businessman Mike Braun

Mike Braun is headed for Washington D.C.

The Jasper businessman and republican defeated incumbent Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly in one of nation’s most bitter and hotly contested Senate races.

Braun was leading with 54 percent of the vote to 42 percent with 59 percent of precincts reporting when the Associated Press called the race for Braun just before 9:30 last night. Libertarian Lucy Brenton trailed with 4 percent.

The result defied polls that for weeks said the race was too close to call.

Donnelly called Braun to concede and delivered a less than two-minute speech to Democratic supporters at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis. He pledged a smooth transition saying he was “the luckiest guy in the world”.

After defeating two incumbent congressmen in the primary, Braun denied a second term to the Democratic senator. He ran as a reliable Republican vote who would back President Trump, defeating Donnelly’s message of bipartisanship.

Braun delivered his victory speech at the state Republican gathering at the JW Marriott beside his wife, Maureen. The GOP also was celebrating its successful defense of seven of the state’s nine Congressional seats.

Braun thanked all Hoosiers for giving him a resounding victory and for putting their faith in him promising he will not let them down.

He said he’d like to see political races become less nasty, a notable call after months of negative advertisements from both sides.

Braun says should be about what you bring to the table and hopes that changes down the road.

Buschon Retains 8th District Seat

Incumbent republican Larry Buschon retained his 8th District seat in U.S. House of Representatives.

Buschon defeated Democrat William Tanoos in the 19-county 8th District by a decisive 65-35 percent margin.

Bucshon has scored several decisive re-election victories since 2012.

Bucshon said, as he has said after all his recent victories, that he’s honored and humbled to have won. He said the victories come by such large margins because he and his staff earn it.

Other Races of Local Interest

In results of other contested state races of local interest Tuesday night.

Republican incumbent Shane Lindauer defeated democrat challenger Joe Lannon for the District 63 seat in the Indiana House of Represenatives gathering 67 percent of the vote compared to 33 percent for Lannon.

For 74 State Represenative, Republican incumbent Stephen Bartels defeated democrat Larry Kleeman 57 to 43 percent.

In the Indiana House District 75 race, republican incumbent Ron Bacon defeated democrat John Hurley 61 to 39 percent

And for State Senator District 47 republican incumbent Erin Houchin knocked off Nick Siler 67 to 33 percent.

For the District 62 representative seat in the Indiana House, Republican Jeff Ellington had no difficulty in defeating democrat Amy Swain 64 to 36 percent.


Dubois County Election Results

Here are election results of contested races in Dubois County.

Republican Amy Kippenbrock defeated Democrat Kiersten Knies with 56.5 to 43.5 percent of the vote for the office of Dubois County Clerk.

In the County Recorder’s race, republican Jaclyn Messmer McPherron defeated democrat Gail Hasenour Reutman 55.6 to 44.4 percent.

In an anticipated race for the office of Dubois County Sheriff, Republican Tom Kleinhelter topped democrat Tim Lampert 54.4 to 45.6 percent.

For the office of Dubois County Assessor, Democrat Angie Giesler defeated republican Eve drew 55.4 to 44.6 percent of the vote.

There were a couple of contested seats in the Dubois County Council….

For council district 2, democrat incumbent Becky Beckman defeated republican challenger Darren Patterson 57.4 to 42.6 percent.

And for council district 3 republican incumbent Charmain Klem handily defeated democrat challenger Deborah Major 68.5 to 31.5 percent.

Other contested races in Dubois County include Cass Township board where republican Randy Boehm, and Democrats Lee Bilderback and Lisa Matthews were the three top vote getters.

For Madison Township Trustee, republican Scott Blazey grabbed an easy victory over Democrat Bret Collignon 70 to 30 percent.

Patoka Township Trustee, Republican Donald Astrike easely defeated independent Jeff Summers 77 to 23 percent.

And for the Birdseye Town Council,

Democrat Mary Ann Cummings received 31 percent of the vote, democrat Roy Partenheimer 26 percent of the vote, Republican Bret Eckert 24 percent and Democrat Lisa Huff 19 percent.

There were two contested school board races in Dubois County.

For the Greater Jasper District 1 seat incumbent Ken Schnaus defeated challenger Jimmy Corbin 52 to 48 percent.

And for the Southeast Dubois County District 3 school board seat Belinda Lange defeated Jason Heile 24 to 26 percent.

For the public question, 77 percent of Dubois County voters voted yes 23 percent voted no.

Dubois County saw an overall 57.8 percent voter turnout.


Spencer County Election Results

Contested races in Spencer County include…

In perhaps an upset, republican challenger Victor Ippoliti defeated democrat incumbent Dan Wilkinson 54.5 to 45.5 percent of the vote.

Ippoliti had this to say about his victory over Wilkinson

Wilkinson says despite the disappointment, he appreciates his time as Prosecutor and offers his congrats to Prosecutor Elect Ippoliti

For County Auditor,

Republican Autumn Goodman Winkler defeated democrat Eleisha Kay Shelton 68 to 32 percent.

For the office of Spencer County Sheriff, democrat Kelli Reinke narrowly defeated republican Kermitt Lindsey 51 to 49 percent.

Reinke says she feels great about the new position and she looks forward to keeping her word by rolling her sleeves up.

For county coroner, republican Rachel Gentry defeated democrat Chris Anderson 56 to 44 percent,

Spencer County Council district 1 seat republican Steve Haaff easily over democrat Matt Hayko 67 to 33 percent.

County Council District 2 republican Blake Bunner over democrat Beth Hurm 64 to 37 percent.

And County Council District 3, democrat Todd Grundhoefer barely defeats republican Jack Kroeger 51 to 49 percent.

Grundhoefer brought up that with the new position in office, he is looking forward to pushing broadband to Spencer County.

Huff Township board, top vote getters were republican David Lautner and democrats Rose Braun and Linda Weiss.

Luce Township Trustee, democrat Bonnie Young over republican Sarah Cron Frederick 52 to 48 percent.

Luce Township Board, top vote getters were republicans Ramona Beatty, Rick Garrett and Maoyla Lindsey Toliver.

And three school board seats were contested in the South Spencer district.

For South Spencer School Board Hammond township, Georgia Schwoeppe defeated Scott Richard and Seth Durnil.

In Luce Township seat 2, Melissa Middleton out distanced Evan Young and Eric Small.

And for Ohio Township seat 2, Cevin Collins defeated Matthew Brunner.

Spencer County saw 61.5 percent of the county’s registered voters participate in this year’s election.


Perry County Election Results

Results of contested races in Perry County include…

Mandi Mogan over Lynn Fulkerson for Perry County Clerk,

In the County Treasurer’s race, Paul Alvey over Charlotte Rogier

For County Sheriff, Alan Malone defeated Richard Myers Jr.,

County Coroner, “Nic” Etienne  defeated Joseph Adkins,

County Commissioner District 2 Tom Hauser over Larry Raymond James,

County Council District 1, Charles Baumeister over J.R. Flynn,

In County Council District 3, Luke Thomas over John Taylor,

And for the District 4 seat of the Perry County Council, Earla Williams defeated Mary Jo Beckman.

A couple of school board seats were contested in Perry County.

John Young won a seat on the Cannelton School board while Linda Mattingly narrowly won a seat on the Tell City-Troy Township school board.


Crawford County Election Results

Among the winners in contested races in Crawford County,

Nicholas Haverstock won the office of Crawford Prosecutor,

Lisa Stephenson Holzbog won the county clerk’s race,

The winner of the County Auditor’s race was Christian Howell,

Jessica Villegas Bowman is the winner for the office of county recorder,

Jeff Howell won the office of County Sheriff,

County Assessor, Michael Carlise

County commissioner District 1, Daniel Creclius,

County Council District 1, Lucas Stroud,

County Council District 2, Mark Stevens,

And County Council District 3 Dale Roll.


Orange County Election Results

Winners of contested races in Orange County include….

Marshall Noble for County Commissioner District 1,

Chad Hager for County Council District 1,

Matthew Henderson for County Council Distrcit 2,

and County Council District 3, Jack Hinkle Jr.,

For the French Lick Township Board,

Top vote getters were Jadon Hinkle, Ben Lindsey and Darrell Quakenbush.

Top vote getters for the Greenfield Township Board were Jerry Noll, Micheale Porter and John Porter Jr.

For Paoli School Board winners of contested races were Lila Tucker, Douglas Pittman and Bill Hoke.

And winners of contested seats on the Springs Valley School board include Cheryl Lynch, Joel Dalton, and Jennifer Shipman.


Pike County Election Results

Winners of contested election races in Pike County include….

Judy Wood Gumbel for County Auditor,

Jeff Harting for County Recorder,

The Pike County Sheriff will be Kent Johnson,

County Commissioner District 2, Mark Flint,

County Council Distrcit 1, Randy Harris,

Jefferson Township Trustee, Danielle Houtsch,

Top vote getters for the Lockhart Township Board include Jace Haouchin, William Caldemeyer and Bernice Luker.

Winslow Town Council, top three were Debra Lamb, Joshua Popp and Dick Brewster.

And in one contested race for the Pikce County School Board, the winner was Forrest Manning for District 2.


Martin County Election Results

In contested races in Martin County.

For Prosecuting Attorney,

Aureola Wright defeated Mike Steiner with 66 to 34 percent of the vote

For Martin County Sheriff,

Travis Rousch defeated Andy Burkhart 70 to 30 percent

Loogootee School Board District 1 it was Nick Toy over Scott Hall 57 to 43 percent.

And for Loogootee School Board District 2 Chad Wade won the seat with 54 percent of the vote ahead of Mary Walton’s 29 percent and Debra Jo Neideffer’s 17 percent.


Daviess County Election Results

Contested races in Daviess County include….

County Commissioner District 2 Republican Nathan Gabhart wins with nearly 73% over Democrat Larry Miller.

County Council District 1 Republican Incumbent Dave Smith wins with about 75% over Democrat Dana Fulton

County Council District 2 went to Republican Tony Duncheon with nearly 81% over Democrat Michael Morris.

County Council District 4 Republican Incumbent Pat Dant won over Democrat Vincent Sellers with 81%.

And the three person Barr-Reeve School Board At-Large race went to the challenger Jody Shultheis. Shultheis finished with 51.3 % over incumbent Ron Boyd’s 41% and Rita Allen’s 7.6%.

Washington School Board District 1 winner was incumbent Pam Bartlett with nearly 67% over Timothy Hedrick. District 2 went to Jay Armes with nearly 77% over Rhett Williams 23.6%.

And the Odon Town Council race Douglas Benjamin won with 61.6% and Democrat Carol Kryder had 38.3% of the vote

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