Help Pull Invasive Garlic Mustard at Ferdinand State Forest Tuesday

Invasive Garlic Mustard is working its way down one of the valleys to the lake at Ferdinand State Forest.

Join volunteers Tuesday evening, April 16 to help pull the invading flowering plants. You will learn how to ID, as well as ID some look-alikes.

Come to the Twin Oaks Parking Area at the bottom of the hill of the entrance to Ferdinand State Forest anytime between 5 and 6 pm EDT Tuesday to sign in and get assigned a spot to pull. You can work as long as you want up until 8 pm. We will be working mostly in a beautiful wooded area.

In order to pull, you must be physically able to bend over and pull the plant gently out of the ground; similar to weeding in your yard!

If you are unable to help but would like to learn to ID this plant, please stop by from 5 to 6 and we will be happy to show you!

This pull is put on by Friends of Ferdinand State Forest with help from Invasive Species Awareness Coalition of Dubois County.

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