Paoli Police Department Help Clean Up Needle Problem in Community

Earlier this month on May 8th, Paoli Police Department was contacted by a concerned citizen who reported that two uncapped needles were found near her property. Officers responded and were directed towards the needles, and they were collected as evidence.

During the initial investigation, Officers used forensic science to identify the person responsible for the disposal of said needles, which tested positive for methamphetamine. Officers obtained a search warrant for the residence of the responsible party at SE Main Street in Paoli.

The Paoli Police Department Officers executed the search warrant on the following day. Illicit drugs and other paraphernalia were found, however, the individual suspect was not home when the warrant was executed. An arrest warrant has been requested for the individual responsible.

The Paoli Police Department strongly encourages anyone who witnesses criminal activity to report it immediately. To report a tip, call (812) 723-2836. Calls are answered 24/7. Officers stress that often times, seemingly insignificant information can be what they need to solve a certain crime and help from the public is essential to the success of combating crime.

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