State crop percentages still below average

Even though the percentages for crops planted in the state has increased since last week, the Purdue Extension office says the state is still below average.

According to Kenneth Eck, an educator at the Purdue Extension Office, as of Sunday, the numbers have increased in the past week.

These numbers are nearly doubled from last week, but we are still below average. The five year average for corn is 98%, and the average for soybeans is 89%.

According to Eck, the crop percentages for Dubois County are nearly the same as last week, with 85% of corn planted, and 75% of soybeans planted for the county.

Eck explains why the state saw a big increase within a week.

With the soil already saturated and more rain in the forecast, it makes planting much harder for farmers.

Some farmers may not be able to get their crops in at all. Eck says there is another option.

For more information about the crops planted, go to the National Agricultural Statistics Service website.

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