Northeast Dubois School Board Holds Monthly Meeting; Gives Updates On High School Updates

The Northeast Dubois School Board held their monthly school board meeting for the corporation last night, including two hearings during the meeting involving lease agreements and additional appropriations.

During the Lease Agreement Hearing, it was recommended that the proposed Lease Agreement plans and estimates for the school building to be renovated and improved by the Northeast Dubois County Middle School Building Corporation. The Building Corporation has been on file from the date of publication of the notice until now, in the Administration Building of the School Corporation and was presented to the members of the board.

Vice President of Architecture at VPS Architecture George Link explained the renovations that will be taking place at the high school.

Bids are foreseen going out near the end of August, with a start date being in the first part of October. The drawing will be available on the corporation website within the week.

The Resolution Authorizing Execution of Lease and Sale of Real Estate was approved to close the Lease Agreement Hearing.

Following the Lease, Agreement Hearing was the Additional Appropriations Hearing. The Additional Appropriations are not to exceed $4.6 million for the purpose of renovation of and improvements to a portion of the Northeast Dubois High School, including site improvements and the purchase of equipment. The Additional Appropriation Resolution was approved.

Still involving the construction, the Resolution Assigning Construction Bids and Contracts, Once Received, will use the bond proceeds to fund such bids and contracts in order to complete the Project. What was discussed next was the Resolution Approving Master Continuing Disclosure Undertaking. This means that the Securities and Exchange Commission requires that a school corporation enters into a Master Continuing Disclosure Undertaking before it issues bonds. The agreement requires that School Corporation agree to timely provide certain financial information to the SEC’s EMMA database and provide notice of the material events. Finally, it was approved that Resolution Approving Amended and Restarted Post-Issuance Compliance Procedures.

Other business that was covered was as follows:

·         the approval of the 2019-2021 Special Education Cooperative Agreement,

·         the hiring of Beverly Harris as a cafeteria assistant,

·         the hiring of Jolene Sitzman as a middle school special education assistant,

·         that bus driver pay for Routes 6 and 10 be increased to $10.00 per day or $5.00 per trip which cover the 4 years of other corporation bus drivers,

·         that extracurricular treasurer positions bonds be set at $10,000

·         Grandparents Day at the Dubois Elementary be changed from September 20th and 23rd to September 18th and 19th which will correspond with the Book Fair Week.

·         Due to the mandated 2% reduction in retirement contributions by the corporation to the teacher retirement fund, it was approved that the money saved to go towards teacher salaries. This is a savings of over $46,000 for the 2019-2020 school year.

·         The Hiring of Kim Butler as a High School Librarian

·         The Hiring of Stacy Helming as Special Education Assistant at the High School

·         2020 Budget Timeline

After was the monthly update on the Five-Star technology group, information on Online School Registration, which is set to open July 19th, as well as NEOLA policy updates.

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