Issues discussed at Ferdinand Town Council meeting

A few issues were brought to light Ferdinand’s Town Council monthly meeting last night.

One problem discussed was overnight camping. Many parks in Ferdinand have had people camping overnight or over a few day span.

President of the Ferdinand Town Council, Ken Sicard, says he has seen this with his own eyes while attending various tournaments for his grandkids.

The Parks and Recreation Department also made the town council aware of a few setbacks in the Old Town Lake project.

One issue is frequent rainfall. Work crews are unable to start making the trail due to soft soil.

Another problem for work crews is the footbridge. Officials anticipate that once the water refills, there will be only 2 feet of water. Sicard says as the sun shines on this area, it could cause vegetation growth. But they do have some ideas in the works to prevent this from happening. Sicard explains.

These are just two items brought to the town council’s attention.

The council also approved to close down Maryland Street between Eighth and 10th Street from 10 am to 4 pm this Sunday for Christ the King Parish’s car show.

And with some trees and limbs getting knocked down by yesterday’s storms, the council wanted to remind Ferdinand residents about yard waste collection and tree limb removal rules. You can get more information about this program by calling the Property and Street Department at 812-367-2282.

Towards the end of the meeting, the council approved the burn permits for the American Legion Barbecues held throughout the year.

The 2020 Budget Hearing will be held on Tuesday, September 17th, and the town council meeting is set for 7:30 pm at Town Hall.

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