Southeast Dubois School School Board Holds September 2019 Board Meeting

The Southeast Dubois School Board held their regular monthly board meeting was held last night.

Usual business took place, with purchase requests resulting in $7,223.76 across the school board, as well as professional leave, facility use, and field trip requests.

They entered a public meeting where they held public testimony on the Proposed 2020 Budget Plan, the Proposed 2020 Capital Project and Facilities Plan, and the Proposed 2020 Bus Replacement Plan. After this public hearing was closed, they opened another where public testimony was taken pursuant to Indiana Code 20-29-6-1(a) regarding teacher compensation and collective bargaining. They also discussed dollar amount reduction in SED contribution rates for the Teacher Retirement Fund.

It was approved that Nettie Boeglin resigned as Robotics sponsor at Ferdinand Elementary School. Regarding hiring and reassignments, Carolyn Oeding was assigned as the Special Education Bus Monitor, Alicia Rappe was assigned as a Forest Park Cook, Kyla Lueken was assigned as a Student Council Advisor at Cedar Crest Intermediate Schools, and Kerri Winkler was assigned as the Ferdinand Elementary School Robotics sponsor.

Several donations were considered and approved.

  • $250 donation from the Heimetfest 5K Run/Walk to the Boys/Girls Track Team
  • Skil Chop Saw from Masterbrand to the Forest Park Wood Shop
  • $400 donation from Jim Mehling and Sue Ellsperman to assist with Washington, DC trip student expenses.
  • $1,000 donation from Chris and Dawn Tretter for the golf team to use the Fair Weather Indoor Golf facility.
  • $750 donation from an anonymous donor to the girls cross country team and athletic department.
  • $755 to the Athletic Department and $575 to the Forest Park Football Program; anonymous donations made in memory of Charlie Fuhs
  • $500 to the Chorus Department from Alfred & Julie Thoop
  • Mulch for the Forest Elementary School playground Veterans Pest Solutions.

Several fundraisers were considered and approved. The Chorus and Drama Department will hold a Butterbraid sale in September of this year, the Forest Park High School will hold the Ford Drive 4 Ur School fundraiser on September 14th, and the FFA Department will conduct its annual Fruit sale in December of this year.

It was also approved to reimburse Beth DeSchamp for the purchase of art frames in the amount of $1,409.90. A bid for a bus route was also approved.


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