Nationally Recognized Speakers Share Stories of Fighting Addiction

Last night, over 100 attendees sat in the Jasper High School Gym as they heard the stories of the reality and hardships of drug addiction.

Tim Ryan and Jennifer Gimenez stood and spoke for two hours to the community, each sharing their stories involving drug addiction.

Ryan spoke about how his addiction cost him a dream career, millions of dollars, and even his own son. Gimenez spoke about how her addiction caused her to go down a dark path, despite being in blockbuster movies and magazines across the world.

The words “I wasn’t supposed to be an alcoholic or a drug addict” echoed throughout the gym as Ryan and Gimenez gave honest and detailed descriptions about what the harsh reality of addiction truly is. They told about the steps they took to recover and gave advice to the audience about how they or a loved one could find help themselves.

Both Ryan and Gimenez both say that telling their stories is a way to start the conversation to help those who are struggling with addiction.

Ryan and Gimenez both say that a reason small areas like Dubois County have high drug problems is that there is no place nearby to get better

Ryan and Gimenez both travel the country to speak to schools and different outreach programs because to them, it’s their calling in life. Today, they both talked with different county schools sharing their stories with students.


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  1. They are a Super couple who are helping so many and I thank God for them being able to carry their stories to so many people!
    To many have died from Addiction so knowledge of what can happen to u and knowledge of how to find help can change things!

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