First Midstates Corridor Meeting Held at Loogootee High Jr/Sr High School

The first of the Midstates Corridor Meetings were held at Loogootee Jr/Sr High school last night, with so many attendees that a line led to the outside.

The first of the three open houses regarding the corridor, that would start in Rockport, run through Jasper and Huntingburg, and eventually connect to Interstate 69, took place at the school. Attendees could walk around and talk with several different spokespersons about the Midstates Corridor.

At different stations, the community could look at different outlooks on the Midstates Corridor Screen Process, the map of each of the five proposed routes, as well as roadway types the corridor could use, and the next step in the Midstates Corridor process.

Spokeswoman for the Midstates Corridor, Mindy Peterson, explains why the Midstates Corridor should be seen as a positive.

While some see positives in the project, anonymous letters were left on vehicles outside the meetings opposing the projects.

Peterson states that while these Meetings show excitement for the project, they are open to all different opinions regarding the corridor.

Speakers also addressed the large audience at the event, explaining in more detail what goes into the process of the Midstates Corridor.

Regarding the screening process, which has been in works since the summer of 2019, has narrowed itself down to 10 alternatives and five routes that are currently under study.

Each of the five routes mentioned runs through Dubois County and Spencer County, with other routes running off into Orange, Martin, Daviess, Lawrence, Greene, and Monroe Counties as it heads more North.

Three different facility types are being considered for Mid-States preliminary alternatives, which include freeways, expressways, and Super-2’s.

Freeways have at least two lanes in each direction with access provided only at interchanges.

Expressways have at least two lanes in each direction with access at interchanges and at-grade interchanges.

Super-2’s have only one lane of travel in each direction with passing and auxiliary lanes and/or wider shoulders where appropriate.

Finally, the next steps for the Midstates Corridor were highlighted. The next step includes a Draft Environmental Impact Statement published and a preferred corridor identified by the fall of 2020.

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