JUST IN: Memorial Hospital reporting COVID-19 numbers on website

Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center has launched a dashboard to provide residents with better testing data.

As of Friday afternoon:

  • 70- Tests have been submitted
  • 40- Negative results have been submitted
  • 27- Pending test results have been submitted
  • 4- Positive results in Dubois County

Remember, a patient’s address will determine what county reports the positive case, not the county where the test was administered.

For more information, visit mhhcc.org.

1 Comment on "JUST IN: Memorial Hospital reporting COVID-19 numbers on website"

  1. Louis Duncan | April 3, 2020 at 11:30 PM | Reply

    I was just released from the Jasper hospital and what a time to be there in light of this virus . Having my COPD Active at this point was scary to say the least. I did not have the virus and yet I was treated with kid gloves from some of the greatest nurses I’ve ever seen. Each of them with their
    “ Corona War Suits “on .

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