How to share the road with school buses

It’s that time of year again… kids are heading back to the bus stop.

But when it comes to school buses, do you remember the rules of the road?

Indiana has very strict laws to follow when sharing the road with school buses.

Indiana State Police Jasper Post PIO, Sergeant David Henderson, explains what to do.

“The law says that if you see a school bus, you’re obligated to stop. Give them the right away. If they’re stopped and have the flashing lights and the stop arm out, then you have got to stop,” he says.

All drivers must stop whenever sharing a two-lane road or multi-lane road with a school bus.

If a school bus stops on a divided highway, all drivers behind the bus must stop. The other vehicles traveling in the opposite direction can proceed with caution.

If you are caught violating this law, Henderson says that there are serious consequences.

“If you run a school bus stop arm, then your penalties are very heavy. You could face a hefty fine and possible and your license could be suspended,” he says.

Henderson also says that traveling behind a school bus is not the only time when drivers should be aware.

“When you’re in a school zone, please watch your speed. There are little children out running and playing near the roadway. So, please take time to use a little bit extra caution,” Henderson says.

Keeping track of these violations is a team effort.

“We work with local school corporations throughout the Jasper District. If they have a violation that has taken place near the school district, the call the Jasper State Police post, and we take immediate action,” Henderson says.

To report a school bus stop violation, call your local police department, school district, or the Indiana State Police Jasper Post at (812)-482-1441.

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