Dubois County Health Department implementing restrictions to slow spread of COVID-19

Due to the sustained “medium to high community spread” of Covid-19 in Dubois County, the increasing positivity rate and the significant rise in hospitalizations, the Dubois County Health Department has implemented the following action items to help slow the spread.  In consultation with ISDH, theselocally developed actions are in-line with the ISDH “Color Code Metrics” found athttps://www.coronavirus.in.gov/files/cid25617016-C5A9-4835-99C9-4FD8B2326F11.pdf

Effective Date: November 2, 2020

Dubois County is currently under code “ORANGE”. Local action items include:

  • Restricting the size of social gatherings (i.e. weddings, sporting events, community events, entertainment, parties, etc.) to a maximum of 250 occupants, unless a detailed plan is submitted and approved by the Dubois County Health Department. An Events Review Form may be obtained from the Dubois County Health Department or as follows: duboiscountyin.org under Departments please click on Health Department and find the “Events Approval” link on the homepage.
  • Restricting common areas in workplaces.
  • Additional monitoring to ensure physical distancing and mask requirements at events and venues. The face covering mandate Executive Order 20-37 is still in effect.
  • Attendance restrictions on K-12 extracurricular activities and sporting events. Participants should only meet if they are able to physically distance and wear face coverings.Additional efforts should be made to ensure social distancing such as putting up rope/tape barriers to block off seats and providing markings on the floor and chairs.If attendance will be greater than 250, an Events Review Form shall to be submitted.

Also, please be aware smaller family gatherings have contributed to a significant amount of spread as well.  Please do your part to make these gatherings as safe as possible by wearing your mask and practicing physical distancing.  We have a tendency of letting our guards down when we get around our own family members, don’t let this happen to you.  It is also recommended to hold these gatherings outdoors whenever possible.  If weather prohibits outdoor activities, we encourage increased ventilation by opening windows and using fans to keep the air moving.  Most importantly, stay home if you are sick or if you are awaiting test results. If we all do our part, we can make a positive impact and ultimately save lives!

The Dubois County Health Department will continue to review the current status of Dubois County and make data informed decisions and recommendations as the information becomes available.

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