Dubois County Solid Waste District offering half-price paint fees until end of month

The Dubois County Solid Waste District is reminding residents about their half-price paint fees.

Latex paint fees are $1 per gallon container and smaller containers are 2 for $1 through the end of November.

Only latex or water-based paint fees are half-price. Oil-based paints and stains are accepted for $2 per container.

Latex paint fees will go back up to $2 per gallon container in December.

Residents are asked to separate their containers before heading to the Process Center for the discount. A good way to determine the paint type is that latex/water-based paints will say “soap and water clean up. Oil-based paints and stains will say “clean up with mineral spirits.”

Don’t mix paints together and keep paint in its original container.

These prices are for Dubois County residents only. Any business or organization that has paint that needs to be disposed of or recycled needs to contact the Process Center for proper disposal information.

Face coverings are required while on-site and residents should be able to unload their own items.

The District’s Process Center is located at 1103 South 350 West, just outside of Jasper. Regular hours are 8 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday. For more information, call the office at (812)-482-7865  or visit duboiscountyrecycles.org.

The Process Center will be closed on Thursday, November 26th, and Friday, November 27th for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The center is offering extended hours on Tuesday, November 24th, and will be open from 8 am to 6 pm.

For more information, call the Process Center at (812)-482-7865, visit duboiscountyrecycles.org, or visit the Process Center’s Facebook page.

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