Elmer Brames elected to IACC state office

A local county commissioner has been elected to the IACC State Office.

Dubois County Commissioner Elmer Brames was elected 2021 Secretary of the Indiana Association of County Commissioners (IACC) by county commissioners across the state.

As Secretary, Brames will represent the elected county commissioners in the 92 counties of the state.    Brames will be Secretary of the IACC’s Executive Board of Directors, which determines policies and legislative goals for the Association.

The elections were held during the IACC’s 2020 Annual District Meetings. Due to the COVID 19 meeting restrictions put into place and the surge in COVID 19 positivity rates the IACC Board of Directors postponed the in-person annual conference annually scheduled for early December to ensure the safety of their attendees. 

Each of the six IACC districts held virtual meetings to discuss issues important to them and to conduct IACC Executive Board and District Officer elections. Commissioners across the state discussed the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency, CARES act funding, and 2021 legislative initiatives.

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