Birdseye Food Distribution Event To Take Place Next Week

Another mobile food distribution event is scheduled for the beginning of the week.

Anthem BlueCross Blue Shield and Tri-State Food Bank are sponsoring a mobile food distribution event at the Birdseye Library Monday, January 11th from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.

There are eligibility guidelines for the event, based on how many are in your household and how much your yearly income is.

Income Eligibility Guidelines
# in Household Yearly Income # in Household Yearly Income
1 $27,300 5 $42,100
2 $31,200 6 $45,200
3 $35,100 7 $48,300
4 $38,950 8 $51,450

No proof of income is required; however, a short survey will be given to those picking up food to best determine the needs for future food distributions.

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