Dubois County moves to ORANGE; remains in RED advisory level requirements


The Indiana State Department of Health has moved Dubois County’s weekly score to “ORANGE” today. However, the county will remain in the “RED” advisory level requirements.

Dubois County Health Department released the following statement about the designation on Wednesday afternoon:

On November 13, 2020, Governor Eric Holcomb issued Executive Order 20-48 that introduced county-level measures and restrictions based on each county’s color. Whenever a county’s metric/score rises to a higher color category, that county is moved to a more restrictive advisory level. When a county meets the metric/score of a less restrictive color category, it must remain in the less restrictive color for two consecutive weeks to be allowed to move down to the lower advisory level.

For this reason, a county’s advisory level can be different than its current weekly score. You can see each of these maps on the IDSH dashboard by selecting“Advisory Level” or “Weekly Score” from the map filter drop-down box.

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