COVID-19 liability protections legislation signed by Governor Holcomb

Indiana businesses and schools now have protection in coronavirus-related lawsuits.

Governor Eric Holcomb signed the bill into a law on Thursday.

The bill is authored by Senator Mark Messmer and provides businesses, organizations, nonprofits, religious entities, and individuals with immunity from civil liability for damages if someone is exposed to COVID-19 on their property or during an activity they organized. Manufacturers of personal protective equipment will also be protected.

Liability protection will not cover instances of gross negligence or wanton misconduct on the part of the organization or individual.

“I’m grateful to Gov. Holcomb and my fellow legislators for their support of SEA 1,” Messmer says. “Many individuals, businesses, churches, and others went above and beyond to protect Hoosiers during the pandemic. This law will help give those organizations peace of mind, ensuring they will not face a frivolous and potentially financially crippling lawsuit.”

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