Indiana State Police Warn of Fraud Targeting Ring

The Indiana State Police is warning off-road vehicle dealers about a fraud targeting ring.

The department says they are aware of eight confirmed cases that have occurred throughout the state. All of the cases have the following elements:

  • Person wants to purchase an ATV, side by side, lawn mower, dirt bike, etc. over the phone.
  • Provided driver’s licenses and credit cards are fraudulent.
  • Credit card transactions might be declined, additional credit cards may be used for the entire purchase, or charges may be disputed later by actual credit card owner.
  • Suspect’s story is often that they are buying the vehicle for someone else, who is not present.
  • Suspect usually brings a moving van/rental truck to transport fraudulently purchased vehicle.

The Indiana State Police is providing some recommended preventative measures for businesses:

  • Be suspicious of over the phone transactions, especially if caller wants to rush the purchase.
  • Review purchase policies and consider mandating that the person who calls in the order must be the one who picks up the vehicle.
  • Make sure the person picking up the vehicle brings the credit card(s) used to make the transaction as well as a DL or ID.
  • Verify the identity of purchaser at the time of pickup and be aware of the use of fake ID’s.
  • Make sure the credit card transactions will go through and not be disputed. Consider holding the purchase for three to four days until transaction is verified.

This information is only a recommendation to mitigate being victimized by this type of fraud/theft and should not be considered a complete list of steps to prevent a crime from occurring.

If you believe someone has attempted to fraudulently purchase a vehicle from your business, please contact your local law enforcement or Indiana State Police Post.

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