Free Organ Dedication Concert

The public is invited to a free Organ Dedication Concert to be performed at Precious Blood Catholic Church on Sunday, Jan. 2 from 5:00 to 6:00 pm EST. This concert will be a Christmas/Epiphany Concert.

Precious Blood Catholic Church was gifted this majestic organ through generous funding from the United Cabinet Foundation, which was established by Stan and MaryJane Krempp.

Jeanne Krempp Campbell explains first, why it was time for a new organ, and then how the funding from the United Cabinet Foundation came about.

Ann Nagy gives us a little bit of information on the organ and details where the organ came from.

Classic Organs of Indiana installed the 12-channel, full-range stereo audio system including amplifiers and all external speakers to afford the best sound for the listener at Precious Blood Church. The organ is instrumental in supporting the congregation, cantors, and choir and enhances worship, and helps move musical prayer forward.

The January 2nd dedication features guest organist, Rodney Barbour. Nagy gives us a little more about Barbour.

Barbour’s concerts throughout the United States and Canada have been enjoyed by audiences for their variety of musical styles and sound colors! He is an accomplished keyboard musician accompanying choirs and soloists, playing for concerts and services and is also a skilled composer and arranger.  In addition to showcasing the beautiful sounds of the chimes, trumpets, strings, woodwinds, and other instruments, Rodney will explain the instrumentation and historical facts about the program pieces and even tell a joke or two.

The make-up date for this concert will be Sun., Jan. 9 from 5:00 to 6:00 pm EST should this concert be canceled.



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