IN COVID-19: Highest 1-Day Total Of Cases Since January


Indiana records the highest single day total of COVID-19 cases since January with 6,164 new cases reported Wednesday, and 63 new deaths. To date, there have been a total of 1,107,189 cases of COVID-19, and a total of 17,033 deaths reported in the state, with 588 additional deaths ruled as probably associated with COVID-19. There have also been 142 confirmed cases of Multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children. As of right now, only 52.9% of Indiana’s population, ages 5 and up, are fully vaccinated. 97.919% of Indiana‚Äôs Covid numbers are those who are unvaccinated. Of those who are vaccinated, only 2.081% have experienced a breakthrough case of Covid, only 0.042% have been hospitalized, and only 0.023% of those who are vaccinated have died from Covid, with an average age of 79 for breakthrough deaths.

Dubois County saw 27 new cases reported Wednesday. The Indiana Department of Health reported a 7 Day positivity rate of 9.3% amongst all test, and 19.6% amongst Unique Individuals. To date there have been a total of 8,778 cases for the county, and 139 Dubois County residents have died from the virus. As of right now, only 57.4% of the county, ages 5 and up, are fully vaccinated.

For the surrounding counties as of Wednesday: 

Spencer has 19 new cases, with 50.3% of its population vaccinated.

Daviess has 22 new cases, with 35.2% of its population vaccinated. 

Martin has 4 new cases, with 41.9% of its population vaccinated. 

Lawrence has 50 new cases, with 48.7% of its population vaccinated. 

Orange has 10 new cases and 1 new death, with 48.2% of its population vaccinated. 

Pike has 5 new cases, with 42.5% of its population vaccinated. 

Crawford has 2 new cases, with 45.8% of its population vaccinated. 

Perry has 20 new cases, with 56.6% of its population vaccinated. 

And Warrick has 62 new cases and 1 new death, with 61.7% of its population vaccinated.

22.2% of ICU Beds for Indiana District 10 are in use for Covid alone.

The current recommendation from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and Indiana Department of Health to help combat the COVID-19 virus is to get vaccinated.  The higher the percentage of the population that is vaccinated, the safer we will all be. To get scheduled for your first shot, go to You can find a complete breakdown of COVID-19 statistics by going to

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