Presentation of Book by Randy and Roxanne Mills Wednesday, January 6th.

There will be a free presentation by Randy and Roxanne Mills on their book, “Summer Wind: A Soldier’s Road From Indiana To Vietnam” at the Ferdinand Library on Wednesday, January 6th from 6-7 PM.

“Summer Wind: A Soldier’s Road from Indiana to Vietnam”, tells the heart-breaking story of Richard “Dick” Wolfe, a Princeton, Indiana, youth who was killed in action on January 6, 1968, in the now-forgotten battle of Xom Bung. Wolfe’s story was preserved, however, in scores of letters sent to the family and friends from July 1967 to January 1968. Dick Wolfe’s letters held little back and shed light on the complexities of an American army rifle company in Vietnam at the apex of the war, revealing the budding friendships and bonding among the thrown-together group of young American men of Alpha Company.  It also tells of how faith played an integral role in the journey.



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