Jasper in final four of Strong Towns competition

The city of Jasper, Indiana continues its climb in the Strongest Towns Contest. Up against Champaign, IL in the Elite Eight, Jasper edged out our competition by a margin of 51% to 49%. Now on to the Final Four against Yellow Springs, Ohio.

On March 21st, Strong Towns recorded podcasts for each of the Final Four towns which will be available to listen to on the Strong Towns website starting Monday, March 28th. For Jasper, the podcast interviewed Darla Blazey, Jasper’s Director of Community Development & Planning. Voting for the Strongest Town will open Monday, March 28th through Thursday, March 31st at noon Central time. To vote for JASPER go to www.strongtowns.org/stmedia. Find our match-up against Yellow Springs, Ohio, and click on it to find the button to vote for JASPER. Please spread the word through all your social media channels and use #JasperStrong2022.

Strong Towns is an organization that advocates bold and different thinking toward building better cities and towns by focusing on taking small incremental steps, embracing a process of continuous adaptation and stopping valuing efficiency and starting valuing resilience. It is about taking new approaches to be sure cities and towns are making smart moves toward supporting their growth without adding significant financial burdens. You can learn more about Strong Towns at www.strongtowns.org and remember to vote for Jasper.

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