Indiana Criminal Justice Institute has awarded 46 nonprofits with Grants

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) has awarded 46 nonprofits a total of nearly $3.5 million in federal grants to improve services for survivors of family violence and sexual assault. These grants were awarded through the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA) program with American Rescue Plan funds.

Administered by ICJI, the FVPSA program is the primary federal funding stream dedicated to the support of emergency shelters and related assistance for victims of domestic violence and their dependents.

Last year, ICJI received supplemental funding through the American Rescue Plan to offer two new grants under FVPSA – one specifically designed to support survivors of sexual assault. Altogether, both grants are intended to help organizations offset certain costs associated with providing these critical services during the pandemic.

Funding will be used for the purchasing of technology to provide remote services, testing kits and cleaning supplies, employee retention and hiring, emergency preparedness, safety planning, and more.

The grants were approved by the ICJI Board of Trustees in March and will be made available to organizations starting within the next couple of weeks.

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