Heart of Jasper New Website

Heart of Jasper is working to expand their impact and marketing footprint by working with Locable to launch a new Downtown website including local resources such as a robust events calendar, merchant directory, and community partners.

Participation is free for local merchants and community partners and includes tools such as a community calendar that automatically incorporates events from Heart of Jasper and other organizations of the merchants choosing.

These tools can be added to nearly any existing website enabling the community to work together in much the same way that flyers hang in merchant windows and on corkboards throughout the town. This “it-takes-a-village” approach is automated so that no one is burdened with the need to do more work. It’s expected that each participant will reach thousands of people each month as a result of leveraging their local connections.

The program will focus on the downtown however it will also include other organizations and community partners which make Jasper a great place to live.

For more information, you can contact Kate Schwenk at 812-661-2881 or to check out the new website go to heartofjasper.org

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