US Senator Mike Braun Visits Jasper for Coffee and Conversation

United States Senator Mike Braun visited Jasper for some coffee and conversation at the Jasper train depot on Friday morning. Several people were in attendance to see Senator Braun and ask him questions.

Senator Braun answered questions on several topics during the event including term limits for politicians, clean energy in America, the Russia Ukraine situation, the possible overturn of Roe vs Wade by the supreme court, and his own political future. The town hall type event lasted about an hour and Braun made himself available after the meeting for any citizens that would like more questions answered. Several citizens did have questions for Braun during the Q and A. One of the questions posed to Senator Braun was if he had any intentions of running for Governor in the State of Indiana. Here’s what Senator Braun had to say.

So stay tuned to see what United States Senator Mike Braun will do in his political future.

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